International Workshop on Prevention and Investigation Strategies to Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Crimes

In conjunction with CIb3rWall 2024.
June 19 to 20, 2024.
Escuela Nacional de Policía. Ávila, Spain.

Established in 2018 at the National Police School, a part of the Training and Improvement Division of the National Police, the CIb3rWall project aims to foster a collaborative environment between public and private organisations, focusing on the enhancement of cybersecurity training.

This year, the event will incorporate a significant focus on Prevention and Investigation Strategies to Combat Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

This workshop has been organized in collaboration with the National Police and the European projects ALUNA, CESAGRAM, and Sparks in the Dark, all of them funded by the EU within the Horizon and ISF programs.

In this space, we will immerse ourselves in a deep analysis of the challenges and strategies to prevent and combat child sexual abuse and exploitation. From innovative projects to panel discussions with leading experts in the field, we will explore the latest trends and advancements in victim assistance, criminal investigation, and collaboration among law enforcement agencies. With a focus on prevention, intervention, and protection of the most vulnerable, our event provides a vital platform for knowledge sharing, establishing meaningful connections, and advancing towards a safer future for all.

This workshop will assemble international experts to:
Plataforma de Colaboración

Collaboration Platform

Provide a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among European projects focused on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (CSA/CSE).

Plataforma de Colaboración

Successful Initiatives

Highlight successful initiatives in prevention and victim support, showcasing their methodologies, results, and key takeaways.

Plataforma de Colaboración

Innovative Tools

Discuss innovative tools and technologies developed for law enforcement agencies to tackle CSA/CSE and Trafficking in Human Beings (THB).

Plataforma de Colaboración


Facilitate networking and partnership opportunities among participants.

The workshop on the 19th will be followed by a three-hour networking session on the 20th. This combination of presentations and discussions will create an ideal setting for participants to share their projects’ contributions and explore potential synergies and cooperative endeavours.

View the Event Agenda and Practical Guide Here